Network Inventory Advisor is a perfect Software Network Scanner

Scan your network with Network Inventory Advisor to quickly find the active nodes. This software monitors, reports, logs, detects the OS and way more.

What Network Inventory Management Software is for

Every computer expert managing a network needs to know what’s going on in it. Having a detailed inventory of the machines and devices on the network is important. Why is it so important? Because if a network audit is on schedule or a software upgrade is coming, you need to know whether all of the computers are up-to-date to support new systems or if there is additional work to be done before the upgrade.

Keeping a clear and current inventory is not a simple task. Special software network scanning tools will efficiently collect all the information you need and will neatly organize it for your usage.

How an inventory scanner works

With the help of software audit tools you can remotely obtain the list of applications installed and updates from computers on the network as well as find all devices on network. You can either scan computers on network with the help of an inventory scanner or specify the group of computers to be scanned. Then you’ll need to enter the credentials with administrator privileges. Once the scan was performed the results will be displayed comprehensively with the possibility to export them to a file.

The scan and other inventory processes are performed remotely and are invisible to the users of computers on the network. The information gathered is kept in a central database and includes the application name, version, installation date, etc.

Network Inventory Advisor for Inventory Scanning

With Network Inventory Advisor it is easy for administrators to audit assets on the network getting an advanced information. This software can work well with both Windows and non-Windows based equipment.

When you start using Network Inventory Advisor configure assets by scanning the computer names. Alternatively use the smart scan option. This option is easy and intuitive and helps find out the IP address and subnet info.

Smart Inventory Scanner

Another conveniency is that Network Inventory Advisor can be set up to scan your network and devices automatically. For systems daily scan is recommended, while network scans are good for every couple of hours. This way you always stay in the know of any changes that occur on the computers or if something new appears on the monitored network.

Network scans are easy to schedule. If you have a busy office it is better to perform a scan at a non-peak time. Different scans that were performed at different times can be conveniently compared in the main interface of the inventory app.

Summary of network assets and Reporting

Once Network Inventory Advisor detected the network it can provide you with the summary information on the devices it knows about. A very useful option for when you need a brief overview of the network for a meeting or a presentation.

After the assets were scanned or imported and are ready to be managed in Network Inventory Advisor, you can save the structure of the network. It will become available to other instances of the software and you can make a backup copy easily.

A good detailed report is everything! Network Inventory Advisor does really well in this area. It offers preset reports, custom reporting, and DIY options.


Network Inventory Advisor is totally compatible with any third-party CMDB or alternative network management solution thanks to its core database that can be accessed directly using any database frontend or running direct SQL queries.

This ensures flawless integration of the powerful network discovery features provided by Network Inventory Advisor into any in-house computer management solutions your company may already have.