Simple and powerful software licensemanagement tool

Network Inventory Advisor is an absolute leader in software asset management and software license optimization solutions that offers great control and perfect visibility over IT assets, helps maintain software license compliance and optimizes software expenses. This software asset management and license compliance solution is rather comprehensive and friendly and is a perfect assistant in the management of software assets.

Why a License Manager is a must-have?

Staying on top of licenses compliance is the key to keep business successful and honest. Sometimes businesses buy too many software licenses to avoid vendor fines or over-deploy the software.

The software license management tool from ClearApps guarantees the right balance with its software audit tools and software asset monitoring. With all the information it provides you are able to renegotiate vendor licensing agreements and control costs.

Are You Prepared For a Software Audit?

Statistically most IT managers consider their business not prepared to software audits. The usual challenges are:

  • Getting a comprehensive and clear inventory of installed software;
  • Accurate inventory data collection among all the platforms;
  • Having a precise license compliance position, because of the complexity of software license models, and the terms and conditions of various software licenses.

With all the challenges it is not surprising that businesses are exposed to software audits and unnecessary audit true-up expenses.

Understanding the necessity of license management

Start the software license management with finding out where your business currently is (software-wise) and what you own already. Build a baseline of licenses owned by the business and you’ll see the deployment of these licenses better.

The good idea is to use a software license auditor tool which will help you get all the data about software deployments together and detect how many computers are deployed with individual licenses.

Next step

With the help of a quality tool you will be able to see if your business fits in software license compliance. You will get an information on who uses which software licenses, see which licenses are not in use, and will be able to reassign unused licenses to those people who actually need them.

All of this creates an easier process of financial tracking of software orders.

More than a Software Inventory Scanner!

Network Inventory Advisor thoroughly collects the information on all licenses for each app installed on every computer over the network. The program performs its network license audit automatically in the background invisibly to the users and you can see all devices on network.

Network Inventory Advisor generates reports full of invaluable data on all software licenses.

Meticulous Software License Tracking

You can easily perform a self-audit of your network and be confident about license compliance with software developers. All thanks to Asset Management Tool — Network Inventory Advisor — your ultimate license compliance software.

That’s one of many reasons why Autodesk Inc. officially rebranded Network Inventory Advisor in 2012 as their main scanning tool for raw audit data collection.

Software license tracking on the network

You can confidently call Network Inventory Advisor the best Network Inventory Management Software! It can scan for registration codes used by 500+ software vendors in their applications: Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, etc. Network Inventory Advisor performs a license audit in a matter of moments and generates comprehensive reports by machine or network-wide.

Implementing software License optimization solution helps businesses improve in many ways including vendor management and operational efficiency. Thanks to Network Inventory Advisor you can:

  • Spend less time on management of licenses and pass the software audits with flying colors;
  • Minimize number of licenses and spend your budget wisely;
  • Reduce the risk of software license non-compliance;
  • Minimize or eliminate the downtime due to licensing issues;
  • Get a stable maintenance of your software assets with fully automatic software asset management tool.