Collect Hardware Inventory with Network Inventory Advisor

Use Network Inventory Advisor to collect a wide variety of information about the hardware configuration of the devices in your organization such as CPU, memory, operating system, audio & video, and peripherals.

IT Inventory Management

Network Inventory Advisor greatly simplifies the task of managing multiple systems and even networks. Software license management, software and hardware inventory are among the key features provided. Hardware inventory works by querying remote computers in agentless mode directly (WMI) or using an agent utility. The latter is capable of a better inventory of certain hardware classes in specific cases.

Network summary in Network Inventory Advisor reports on all hardware in your networks, joined by devices, it’s a great resource for basic statistics. For more flexibility, check out customizable reports available in our hardware inventory solution.

Collect, store and analyze

With scheduled network scanning you can easily track history of hardware changes in your networks. We realize that hardware inventory of any network is not an easy task, especially in multi-platform or poorly organized networks.

However, Computer Audit Software is the right solution for hardware audits of any complexity. You can obtain actual information about hardware of your networked computers in minutes. Stay on top of hardware inventory with Network Inventory Advisor monitoring tool!

Know your hardware inventory

…at all times. Running a hardware inventory for tax issues, external audits, as a service or for other reasons? You would never want to execute it manually in a spreadsheet, would you? Network Management Tool delivers a complete fast inventory of all of your machines. There has always been a better way to manage hardware inventory — Network Inventory Advisor.

It doesn’t matter how big is your network, it’s just a matter of minutes to scan it all and build reports you were looking for with a Software Scanner as Network Inventory Advisor.