Fast and powerful automated Computer Inventory Software

Computer Asset Management program that will maintain your hardware inventory in a perfect order. Provides a great audit for your systems.

Get instant network visibility

Scan your network and get inventory reports on all of your computers with the updated, detailed software and hardware configuration of each workstation, server or laptop. Our asset management solution automatically detects the type of computer and classifies them. You can also tag each computer by specifying its actual status and assigning them to specific users and technical owners if required.

Network Inventory Advisor is the best monitoring tool for professionals; installed in a few minutes it easily discovers all network devices keeping your units organization. Additionally, you can track non-IT nodes manually.

Organize your Network Software Inventory

With Network Management Software, you will quickly identify software titles used across your network and software license compliance. You can easily locate and track changes of your software and hardware environment.

You will be surprised how easy it is to organize your complete computer inventory! Nodes are automatically grouped according to their workgroups. You can even create and manage multiple networks in Network Inventory Advisor 4: one for each of your clients, or several…

Ready for export and printing

Once all the data is collected and organized (mostly automatically by Network Inventory Advisor itself), you can run the reports required by your clients or boss, and easily print or export them into many available formats.

Even if you get your computer inventory filtered for better overview of specific nodes and groups, the exported report will match your configuration exactly, that’s why printing and exporting options are called “Export this” and “Print this” in Network Inventory Advisor.