Network Inventory Advisor for Asset Management

Network Inventory Advisor offers a clear visibility, compliance, and control of your computer assets thus revealing their exact value to your network. This all-in-one software is easy to set up and use and gives the most efficient asset management to your IT Service Management processes.

Network assets discovery

Network Inventory Advisor also could be used as Software Inventory Scanner makes asset tracking and network assets discovery simple and time-effective.

Download, install, launch Network Inventory Advisor and start monitoring your network; you will have the option to run Smart Scan, which will find all your network assets automatically, or scan nodes by IP/names, specify IP-range, add nodes from Active Directory, network places or even import them from a text file.

Manage your IT assets

Computer asset management is greatly simplified when all discovered IT assets are automatically grouped according to their network parameters. Additionally you can create groups yourself by simply selecting the nodes in the network tree and joining them.

Network Management Service by Network Inventory Advisor also lets you accomplish many tasks with a group of IT assets or just multi-selected assets in several groups: scan, change location, specify custom information, etc.

Software and Hardware asset management

Network Inventory Advisor allows Software License Tracking, tracks warranties, upgrades and more. You will see which software is installed on every node. Is required version present? Is there a forbidden application running somewhere? Is a must-have software missing?

You can track antivirus, other security software and automatic updates status. Select any node in the network tree and switch to “Hardware” tab. You will see the list of its hardware assets. Whenever you re-scan your network and there’s a change detected you will be notified with an alert and a special changes report will be generated by our network discovery software.